The Total Improvment Solution

You bring the work ethic. We'll give you a plan and environment to get the most from your effort. It all starts with an assessment.

What do you do well? What's holding you back? We start with a snapshot of exactly who you are as a hitter at this moment in time using Data and video. Next, we build a plan so you can get the most out of your training days.  


You have 1 career.

Deeply understand your swing.

Develop the best approach for you.

Contact Bret Compliment if you're interested in getting involved with our Blast Motion program.

Email:                    Phone: (913) 302-3255




Clutch Performance Academy offers private lessons with our expert coaching staff to help your player grow and develop.


We offer indoor hitting, pitching, and catching lessons at our indoor facility in Gardner, KS.


If you wish to book a lesson over a weekend, they are done by special appointment only. Please contact the Instructor directly.


Clutch team members receive discounted lessons. Please visit the members page when you go to book a lesson.